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Why The World’s Greatest Minds Think Artificial Intelligence Is Humanity’s Greatest Threat:

In 2014, the United States was feeling a sense of renewed vigor from the Edward Snowden revelations. It had been a year since the first top–secret NSA documents were published, Snowden was being charged under the Espionage Act, the U.S. government was trying to extradite him from Russia and Wired had just put him on the cover of their magazine. But one revelation could have the biggest repercussions of the entire Snowden affair: “MonsterMind”, a Skynet-esque cyber warfare program straight out of Terminator Genisys (just released on Blu-ray and Digital HD). Read full article at source.

What The World Cared About In 2015, According To Our Google Searches:

What mattered most this year? Here to explain it all-and maybe shake your faith in humanity–are the top Google searches of 2015.

When we reflect upon 2015, we’ll all likely remember the “Black Lives Matter” protests that reclaimed the streets of the U.S. or the terrorist attacks that struck fear into the hearts of people around the world. What people truly cared about in the moment, however, is something that perhaps only Google can tell us. How many history books will remember how “The Dress” took over the U.S. (with more than 73 million Google searches) or that time a lion named Cecil united the country against a dentist (more than 32 million Google searches)? Despite media fragmentation and the ever increasing growth of niche entertainment and interest groups, there are still events that manage to capture the zeitgeist of the nation, and the world. And there to measure it all is Google. Read full article at source.

53 Years After Her Death, Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe:

More than 50 years have passed since Marilyn Monroe died from a barbiturate overdose on August 5, 1962. During her life, Monroe was an icon in every sense of the term; after her death, the world learned more about her dark, internal struggle to be accepted and loved by all. While Marilyn Monroe quotes often float around Facebook and Twitter, they rarely paint an accurate portrait of the larger-than-life actress. Monroe was complex, deeply private, and frequently struggled with depression. These Marilyn Monroe facts will likely change your perception on one of the most iconic women in history. Read full article at source.

10 Movie Myths That You Probably Believe:

Hollywood is, of course, a source of entertainment, not facts. More often than not, movies and TV shows tamper with the truth in order to create a more exciting product. And while that’s all well and good–reality can be pretty dull–it has created numerous myths about the way the world works that are now believed across the globe. Be it the way laser guns would actually look, how phone calls are really traced, or what it would truly take to bring back the dinosaurs, here are ten movie myths you probably believe. Read full article at source.



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